- Weather for the Eclipse Chaser

Mareeba, Australia

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West: Port Douglas - East: Cairns

Vis IR1 IR2 WV3 IR4

Explanation of channels:

VIS0.55-0.80uVisible light channel, only works in daytime. Highest resolution and best indicator of clouds that could obscure a view of the eclipse.
IR211.5-12.5uDay/Night thermal infrared, whiter indicates colder, thicker clouds.
IR43.5-4.0uShows low level clouds/fog and surface. Clouds may appear white or black depending on thickness and time of day. Small stationary "splotches" are urban heat islands.
IR36.5-7.0uWater vapor: Shows distribution of water vapor, generally from higher altitudes in the atmosphere.

Acknowledgement: MTSAT weather satellite satellite data provided by JMA.

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